A heightened sense of luxury

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Atara… the name means “crown” and also references “terra”, meaning earth. And indeed, these residences are the crowning achievement at Desert Color and across southern Utah, presenting a heightened sense of place that is also rooted in the natural wonders of the landscape.

Designed to echo the textured palette of the mountains, sky, and sand, these luxury resort residences feature spacious living areas, inviting oasis bedrooms and baths, and expansive outdoor patios with indoor and outdoor fireplaces.. Your Atara home will serve as the ideal basecamp from which you can explore the outdoor attractions all around.

Seak the Peak

Your Atara residence creates a heightened path to adventure. It is at once the ultimate destination, as well as a launching point for discovery. As such, we offer a selection of floor plans to accommodate your needs and aspirations. After all, owners here celebrate the ongoing journey, creating lifelong memories along the way.


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