A Place to Play
(On-Site & Off)

At Atara, you can live life your way, on your own terms. The path you choose and the adventures you seek are as unlimited as they are enticing. Atara offers a host of exclusive owner amenities, plus access to everything within Desert Color.

Atara is walking distance to the 240-acre town center with dining, entertainment, shopping, and more. The nearby 2.5-acre Lagoon is the largest private body of water in the St. George area, with a 1/2 mile, palm-laden white sand beach. Just outside the gates lies a treasure trove of National and State Parks, wilderness reserves, outdoor attractions, and scenic getaways.

We are creating a vacation living experience that is without peer in the region. At Atara, what is offered is a perfect balance of well-being and adventure. Residents will enjoy premier concierge services, guided recreation and outdoor adventures, exquisite cuisine, a world-class spa, and infinite opportunities to get outside and savor this year-round outdoor setting.